Our world class softwood, Superior Wood Araucaria is a native Australian softwood, now commercially grown in plantations. Traditionally used to build and decorate Australian homes over the generations, Superior Wood's Araucaria has a uniform colour, a fine even grain and texture with a high strength to weight performance that makes it ideal for many building and decorative applications.

As a building material in appearance applications, Superior Wood is used as characteristic and decorative panelling and for superbly finished mouldings and joinery. In structural applications, it is available in larger sizes graded as MGP10 and MGP 12 and is also very popular for building battens.

With no resin and being totally non toxic, Superior Wood is totally safe for children's toys and furniture as well as many other handcraft and timber giftware applications.

We know that Superior Wood is amongst the very best softwoods available around the world and are happy and confident that our Superior Wood products will deliver all the expectations of its users.

Products produced are as follows: